Reality Check: Christmas Edition

Warm & fuzzy Christmas Christianity is nearly here.

With all the talk about belief in Santa and Christmas magic (oh and the precious little baby Jesus), my outlook on Bible Belt Christianity begins to sour a bit.
“Well, I believe it, but it didn’t have to happen exactly  like it did in Scripture. It’s just a nice thing that makes feel fuzzy.”
This isn’t precious moments or the Hallmark Channel; we’re not better off believing in Jesus even if it’s not completely true.

Reality check: That baby grew up to fulfill his purpose as a tortured, scourged, and crucified Christ who drank the wrath that you deserved. We are called to proclaim and model his example in a difficult group of people called the church.

We’re waging war for the souls of the people around us. And the reward is great. It’s worth our lives. My life.

This is not Joel Osteen Christianity. This is the reality of a risen, saving, conquering Christ. The Lion of Judah. The sacrificial lamb. The conquering king who has conquered death, is saving souls from Hell by His suffering, and who will destroy His enemies in blazing glory like no one has ever seen.

I’m grumpy. Sorrynotsorry.


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